Why application and desktop virtualization?

APP virtualization enables you to securely access applications on your office computer, home laptop, tablet or smartphone. It works regardless of the operating system or browser while still providing safe access.

Application virtualization in use

The applications that are useful to virtualize are those that support your cooperation with customers and suppliers (CRM systems), applications to track financial situation and resources use (ERP applications) and applications where you track realization of your production (BI Applications).

This could improve the implementation of your key processes and organizations leaders has all the indicators and information always available. Which means that it can be a quickly and efficient response to market changes.
The doctor can review the test results and results in digital form via mobile devices right from a patient bed.


Virtualization of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing), which usually operate only on the Windows platform, allows us to use them on any modern gadget.

Now company performance can be monitored on the tablet with preinstalled program Pantheon.

Even larger investments can be monitored on the go. To the project management system and analysis projects XPERT which can be accessed at a construction location.

Technological and business benefits

By virtualizing key applications, we can make our processes easier, both in the business and technological perspective.


Controlled and secure access to applications in secure server systems and higher security due to the centralized security and data archiving.


Quick and easy to install upgrades and new applications.


Use anywhere with any device – smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer.

User experience

Increased user satisfaction.


Lower costs of management and support.


Ease enables higher productivity and more efficient use of resources.


In one of the largest hospitals in Slovenia, we have implemented an app virtualization with Citrix XenApp, which helps us with a faster treatment of patients because the doctor can review the test results and the results of investigations in digital form via mobile devices right from a hospital bed. Doctor has also access to all the information in the operating room. This allows the physician a more rapid response to any changes in the treatment, as it has available to the entire medical information, and the history of the patient.

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