Client: Law Office Boštjan and Marjana Verstovšek & attorneys


  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system

The solutions:

  • Daylite

More about project

Law Office Boštjan and Marjana Verstovšek & attorneys is a family law firm with over 50 years of practice. The founder of their firm was Branko Verstovšek, who in year 1967 created a law firm that has set out to make a positive difference in the way that the law is practised. Over the years it has grown to be one of the largest law firms in Slovenia and it is now run by the founder’s son Boštjan Verstovšek and his wife Marjana Verstovšek, who are both successful and known attorneys in our country. At this time they have about 20 employees and provide services on almost every field of law currently in use in other European countries.

In their firm we have implemented Customer relationship management (CRM) system Daylite. Daylite helps them manage their work, attorneys work, team collaboration, customers, projects, schedule, emails, and more–all in one app. With new system they can also track all their attorneys request, task, have organized documents and exactly know all their deadlines. It takes all that chaos and makes it clean, organized, and streamlined.