Karigador Apartments

Rent apartments in a quiet seaside resort Karigador.

Client: Karigador Apartments


  • designing Website, graphics
  • building the Website
  • optimization (SEO)
  • Google Analytics

Platform: WordPress

Website Karigador Apartments is designed and created with a vision of the familiarity and seaside spirit, which is especially reflected in colors.

The website is a “one-page” which means that the visitor can find all information on a single “main” page and it is not necessary to open further menus because all information is available on one page. By clicking on the desired menu item, it takes you directly to desired content.

The main objective of this page is to present the user both external and internal appearance of the apartment, because of this we decided to create a gallery which offers the visitor the possibility to use filters to view different spaces of the apartment.

A very important part on the page is activities in apartments neighboring because a look through our online activities guest can see which activities are nearby this apartment, and guest so save a lot of time rather that looking for it by himself.

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