Integrating Windguru/Windy with the Sainlogic weather station

We embarked on an exciting project to integrate the powerful weather forecasting capabilities of Windguru/Windy with the cost-effective Sainlogic weather station. Our goal was to create a seamless integration that provided accurate and up-to-date weather information without breaking the bank.


Traditionally, Windguru has recommended expensive equipment to access their services, but we challenged ourselves to find a more affordable solution. With a budget of only 200€, we opted to leverage APIs instead of relying on out-of-the-box solutions. This approach allowed us to drastically reduce costs while still achieving excellent results.

By using APIs, we were able to connect the Sainlogic weather station directly to the Windguru/Windy platform, enabling real-time data synchronization. This integration provided our users with access to comprehensive weather forecasts, including wind speed, direction, temperature, and more, all without the need for expensive equipment.

One of the significant advantages of this integration is its high level of customization. With APIs, we had the flexibility to tailor the weather data display and user interface to meet our clients' specific needs. This customization ensured a seamless user experience and enhanced the overall functionality of the weather station.

By successfully integrating Windguru/Windy with the Sainlogic weather station using APIs, we have revolutionized the affordability and accessibility of accurate weather forecasting. Our solution proves that quality weather information doesn't have to come at a high cost. With a modest budget, we were able to provide an exceptional weather monitoring system that meets the demands of both individuals and businesses alike.

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