Why use BOX?


It provides the reliability, availability and ease of management.


Allows accessibility from multiple devices, anywhere, anytime.


It allows access to applications with different mobile devices.


It enables higher productivity by streamlining access, administration, and collaboration on topics within the organization as well as external users.


It allows adding tasks to employees, as well as informed on the progress and control of the completed tasks.


It provides security, secure transmission / access to content across the company.


Companies today need an easy and secure tool for managing documents in the company.

Bussines documents are today basic of every business. Reasons for digitalization documents are simple. The main reason is the effective operations, which includes both the rationalization of costs and business processes.

Modern document management systems allow safe and easy access to business documents regardless of whether it is a phone, tablet or the computer in the office. The focus is on mobility, simplicity, and employee collaboration in business content.

Before implementing we choose between three versions of document systems, because each organization has its specific needs. By analyzing each company we can choose a system that best fit to the specifics organization.
Accounts & Registry – With Box you can shorten the time between entering the invoice in company liquidation, payment and archiving. Invoices are treated in a safe environment, there will be less errors and greater efficiency. Get paperless, digitalized your documents and get them faster to the real addressee.
Contract & ISO – Establish efficient overview over contracts. Monitor when they were created, when they need to be renewed and distributed, and make sure to store them in a safe place. Provide a comprehensive document management ISO standards and improve the quality of operations.
Digital archive – While documents are in Box, they are safe stored, retain the usefulness, provide their constancy, maintain the authenticity and traceability of their original documents, protects against loss and care for their tidiness.
With Box, we did gain a simple and cost-effective document system.

Lawyer Boštjan Verstovšek, Law firm Verstovšek

Where to use document management system?


Application for validation of invoices, creating contracts and orders, and process automation.


Simplify access to the latest product catalogs, video presentations and price lists for distributors both in the office and on the go.


For planning events and co-editing catalogs for new products and services.

Personnel department

To easily and securely collect data on employees and evaluate prospective employees.


Simplify assigning and monitoring tasks. Reports are up to date and accessible in and out of the office.

IT department

Reduce the volume of maintenance work on the hardware and simplify the automation of the documents sharing inside and outside the company.
Boštjan – With Box, we did gain a simple and cost-effective document system. Establishing BOX was quick and easy, while the employees are very quickly mastered the new system. We have reduced the use of paper, to achieve a shorter time of signing documents, while improving safety. Now we have a full audit trail with our documents, even they when “leave” the office. Communication in our company improve dramatically and decreased time searching for documents. All data is available anytime and anywhere, which means that now our tablets are no longer just toys.

Lawyer Boštjan Verstovšek, Law firm Verstovšek

The Best Document Management Software

The business environment is rapidly changing. Companies need solutions that will help them to fast respond to market changes, changes in business and to the new needs. Mobility with maximum security and ease of use at all devices should be required in all organizations.

All document management systems support the latest security protocols and have all the necessary international certificates. They provide the highest security required and protocols that allow document management systems to be used in public and private organizations, where security of documents and personal information is very important.

Box is used by over 10 million users.

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