Why use ClicData?

Connect and Forget

Import, connect and standardize your data into a single, powerful, cloud-based data warehouse.

Real Time Insights

View your key indicators and performance metrics, always up to date, any time you want.

Custom Dashboards

Simply drag and drop features to build persuasive, informative, interactive, actionable dashboards.

Social BI

Share data, insights, metrics, and reports with the groups and individuals you choose.

Project progress

ClicData easily reports progress and performance of your projects. No matter how complex your data is, ClicData can clarify, organize and make sense of it.


Improve analysis delivery with our ClicData interactive format and process your clients’ data faster with ClicData ETL features.


Complex Data into Simple Dashboards

ClicData has many powerful features to prepare data for efficient visualization: you can clean your data, merge data from different sources or transform your data for example by adding a calculated column, etc.

ClicData is 100% cloud based and readily accessible from any device and network. It is built from the ground up to be a multi-tenant software with all the necessary functionality required to connect datasets, add transformations, cleanse data, create temporary data staging areas, a built in API capable of receiving data in real time, a simple yet powerful dashboard editor with over 50 visualizations, an automated data refresh and dashboard publication scheduling system, an alert system, a user management facility capable of displaying data on a per user or per team basis and the ability to do all this from Windows, Mac or Linux.

Accessible to small businesses, powerful enough for the enterprise


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